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SDJCC Springboard, Brownfield, Armbruster Entry Form Eligibility


Member will have completed 90 days of membership. A member will only be eligible for competition the first boards after their 90 days. Judging is based solely upon the competitorís accomplishments during their first ninety (90) days.


First year Jaycees are eligible at any time during and up to their first 24 months of membership. HOWEVER, judging is based solely upon the competitorís accomplishments during their first twelve (12) months as a Jaycee. No member will be eligible after the second Annual Meeting following their initial entry into membership of the US Junior Chamber of Commerce.


Any member who has been a Jaycee for more than one year is eligible.


  1. Entrant must be local chapterís winner or alternate.
  2. The original and five copies (Total of 6) of the entry form and supporting documentation must be submitted to the SBA Program Manager by April 25, 2001. If mailing, mail the entry postmarked by April 25, 2001 to SBA Program manager: Joel Boy, 200 E Patrician Dr, Brandon SD 57005 DO NOT put entries in binder, notebook or any kind of folder.
  3. Contestant must be in attendance at the trimester boards.
  4. Friday evening at Boards, an agenda will be posted at the registration table to list location of competition.
  5. The contestant will be considered registered for the interview competition by sending entry to Program Manager.
  6. Competition will be held the Friday evening of Boards.
  7. No spectators will be permitted in the judging rooms.
  8. The decision of the judges is final .
  9. Contestants will be disqualified if they are not on time for their scheduled oral interview.
  10. The contestants will be judged 50 percent on their resumes and 50 percent on the oral interview.
  11. During the oral interview, contestants are encouraged to wear a business suit/dress. Absolutely no state/chapter uniforms or state/chapter identifying badges, pins, or buttons will be allowed. A Jaycee membership pin is allowed and encouraged.

Chapter Name ___________________________ Chapter Number _________________ State Name___________________________

Chapter population division _________Chapter membership: January 1 _____________December 1 ______________

Name of Competition _________________________________________________________________________________________

Name ________________________________________________________________________________________________  

Address _____________________________________________

City ____________________________________________ State _____________________Zip Code ___________

Home phone _______________________________________ Work phone__________________________________

Fax ______________________________________ Email address ________________________________________

Occupation ___________________________ Title ____________________ Employer _________________________

Education (indicate highest level completed) ______________________________________________________________________

Date you joined the Jaycees ____________Have you ever competed in a State Individual Competition? ___________

If yes, in what area?______________________________________________________________________________


I certify the information on this form to be true and correct, and I give my permission for the facts to be used for publication. I understand and agree to abide by the rules and regulations of this competition as stated above."

Contestant signature _________________________________________________Date ________________________

Local President signature _____________________________________________Date ________________________

Springboard, Brownfield, Armbruster Competitions

are designed to help promote the skills of its members in the areas of interviewing. These competitions help members become more confident in presenting themselves verbally and in written format; skills that can be transferred to a memberís personal and professional life.

Take care and keep Smiliní

SD SBA Program Manager,
Joel Boy

SBA Requirements for Portfolio

  • Portfolios must be tabbed.
  • Of the 3 Ė 5 letters of recommendations, one must be from your Local Chapter President. Portfolio must not be more than 15 pages. Resume should not exceed 2 pages. A one-page resume is ideal.
  • Do not put entries in binder, notebook or any kind of folder.

Sample Interview Questions

How do you respond to an irate parent who feels the PPK rules were not followed in your local competition?

A CPG is presented at your monthly meeting to run your annual fireworks stand. Each year this project becomes more of a chore to run because less and less members can commit to the schedule of hours and weekends, especially during the Fourth of July Holiday. You want to see this project changed drastically, but you are meeting much resistance. How are you going to convince them there is a better way?

Tell me about your greatest accomplishment since becoming a Jaycee?
How have you benefited from the Jaycees in your personal life?

SBA Tips and Hints for State Competition

  • Dress Professional
  • Shake hands and introduce yourself with each judge.
  • Make eye contact with all interviewers.
  • When answering a question, address person who asked question, rest of panel and when wrapping up response end with interviewer who asked question.
  • Be Confident of your answers.
  • Donít continue to ramble on once you have answered the question. Silence between questions is OK.
  • Make sure you are well rested.
  • Remove gum, cough drops from your mouth before going to interview.
  • Review resume and letter of recommendations before your interview.
  • Be prepared to know the Creed, State President, National President, SD State IDVP, SBA Program Manager.
  • If you donít know the answer or donít have an example, be honest and advise the interviewers of such.
  • Answers should never be negative but always honest.
  • Be Punctual. Make sure you know the location of your competition before it begins.
  • If you are late for your interview, you will be disqualified. The Program Manager will determine any deviation from this standard.
  • In your portfolio, you may want to include recommendations from your current and past employers, state officers, local chapter VPís, etc. Someone who has knowledge of your Jaycee involvement should write the letter of recommendations.