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May     Newsletter of the Northeast Region     2001

     Itís hard to believe, but weíre already 1/3 of the way through the year. (Itís even harder to believe that the final traces of winter have finally left.) Itís time to pull out that chapter plan that you did at the beginning of the year and see if youíre on track to reach all of the goals that the chapter set out to meet. You say you didnít do a chapter plan! Do one, now! It is the only way that your chapter can truly make an impact because you have a plan of what your members and your community wants and needs.

     Welcome to the newest member of the Northeast Region and the South Dakota Jaycees Ė The Baltic Jaycees. Congratulations to Hartford on the successful completion of this new chapter extension. With the addition of this new chapter the Northeast again grew its membership in April. Thatís four months in a row! There is no stopping us now! Congratulations to all the growth chapters and districts in April!

Growth Districts

Becky Kranz +20 & Alice Hammer +2

Growth Chapters

Estelline +2, Colton +1, & Garretson +1

     May is a convention month. I hope to see all of you in Aberdeen on the 11th-13th. It will be a great time and we need all of you to show the rest of the state who the best region in the state is. With that said, convention months always seem to lack a little in the membership area. We canít allow that to happen! One way is to start your membership work NOW! It is always easier to start in the beginning of the month. Get your new members and retention done before convention or early in any month and relax at the end. It is always much less stressful and it never becomes a crunch-time nightmare. In addition, President Huntimer has put out an incentive for May. Bring three paid new member adds to May Convention and receive 25 bonus points in the Parade of Chapters. What a great incentive to get your membership taken care of early. Never put off for tomorrow what you can do today!

     Keep up the good work and send me your newsletters. I want to come and help you with some of your projects and itís easier for me to plan if I get your newsletters.

In Jaycees,

Todd J. Weber