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Believers and Achievers Banner
Get your information to VP Krizan for all your recruiting efforts.


Regional Incentives
New incentives coming soon! 


     State Incentives    
Recruiting in the 2nd Trimester
5 Members   "Believe and Achieve" Hat
10 Members   "Believe and Achieve" Shorts
20 Members   "Believe and Achieve" T-shirt
30 Members   "Believe and Achieve" Polo Shirt
60 Members   "Believe and Achieve" Jacket

(Only one person may take credit for each member. NO DOUBLE-UPS!)


     National  Incentives    

President Sydney Ward has announced Parade of States and Parade of Chapters bonus points for the month of June. States will receive 10 bonus points for every $1,000 received by JCMI during that month. Also, chapters will receive 10 bonus points for every $100 received by JCMI. In order to qualify, the donations must be postmarked between 06/01/01 and 06/30/01. 

The following incentives are available:
10-Member Recruiters Presidential Medallion
25-Member Recruiters President's Team polo shirt
50-Member Recruiters President's Team Jacket
100-Member Recruiters Free registration to either TOYA or Annual Meeting

Forms must be submitted to the Membership Department, 4 West 21st Street, Tulsa, OK 74114-1116 or faxed to 918.584.4422.