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February 2001
South Dakota Jaycee
State Officers

Rick Huntimer, President

Mary Krizan, MemVP

Beth Delzer, IDVP

Joel Boy, MDVP

Louis Hentges, CDVP

Angie Weber,, COB

Steve & Rhonda Weidner, P. A.’s

Ross Determan, Treasurer

Julie Anderson, Chaplain

Kim Williams, Secretary

Julie Anderson, Chaplain

Kim Williams, Secretary

Tom Mortland, Legal Council

Chapter Services Center
909 N. Main St.
PO Box 863
Mitchell, SD 57301

Phone # 605-996-6308
Fax 605-996-6322

Office hours
Monday - Friday
9am - 3pm

Executive Secretary
Pam Stransky

South Dakota Jaycees!!

Can you believe that we have already completed our first month together as Team 2001?  We have seen a lot of great things in the month of January.  January started us with LOTS in Mitchell.  There we were all fortunate to benefit from the training provided by some of the best trainers that South Dakota has to offer.  More importantly, we were all able to benefit from the excitement that was generated from each and every person there.  We also saw the origin of our new cheer for the year, remember to "Stand up and cheer" at our convention in February.  Thank you to all who attended, especially considering the less than desirable weather conditions that day.

Then it was off to the Outstanding Young Farmer banquet.  I am always amazed by the things which these candidates have to show us in their farming innovations.  They are truly the cream of the crop of what South Dakota has to offer.  For those chapters which submitted candidates, thank you for your hard work.  Now is the time for all chapters to begin your plan on submitting a candidate for next year's banquet.  By starting your planning now, this is a project which requires a minimal amount of updating each month.  Who knows, you may have the next National winner living just a few miles down the road from you.

I recently returned from the Ten Outstanding Young Americans banquet and convention in Washington DC.  There I had the opportunity to learn many things.  I learned tips on how to help our state operate, how to handle public relations, heard some amazing speakers, saw Rudy from Notre Dame (look for a personalized item at an auction soon), and saw a lot of excitement.  But the most important thing I learned is how fortunate I was to be representing the South Dakota Jaycees.  I learned that there is no other group like the SD Jaycees.  No other group provides the excitement, the energy, the unbridled optimism, and the commitment that the SD Jaycees can.  

We have the best group of Jaycees in the nation!  We've assembled a team of people on Team 2001 that I would put up against anyone in the nation, because we can blow the competition away.  South Dakota Jaycees, thank you for what you have accomplished this year. We have many things left to do, and we are going to have a lot of fun getting there.  Always remember the importance of how we help our communities, the importance of working as a team, and the importance of believing in our common goals.  Together we will continue to grow stronger, and together we will make a difference, both for this year and future generations of Jaycees.

Take care and keep believin'

Rick Huntimer
65th President, SD Jaycees

Commitment to Community


1 – national Close out
2-4 – Year end convention – Mitchell
15-18 – National OYF – Omaha, NE
22 – Closeout & Early Retention
24 State Hot Shot – Lake Preston
25 – State Mailing Articles due

1 – Feb. National Close Out
1-4 – Local Prez summit Tulsa
3 – Regional Local Prez Summits TBA
25 – State Mailing Articles due
29 – Closeout & Early Retention

1 – Coyote Article Due
2 – First Blue Chip Due
25 – State Mailing Articles due
26 – Close out & Early Retention

25 – State Mailing Articles due
31 – Close out & Early Retention

20-23 National Convetion – Dayton OHIO
25 – State Mailing Articles due
28 – Close out & Early Retention

25 – State Mailing Articles due
26 – Close out & Early Retention

1 – Coyote Article Due
25 – State Mailing Articles due
30 – Close out & Early Retention

25 – State Mailing Articles due
27 – Close out & Early Retention

25 – State Mailing Articles due
25 – Close out & Early Retention

1 – Coyote Article Due
25 – State Mailing Articles due

4 – Year End Close out
7 – Final Blue Chip Due
25 – State Mailing Articles due
31 – Coyote Article Due

Membership Vice President

Greetings fellow Jaycees!

First of all, I want to say how impressed I was to see so many people at LOTS!! It is outstanding to be among a team of energetic Jaycees, all geared up to learn more about the position they will hold this year! Now we can follow-up with that same excitement at Year End Convention this weekend.

Now, on to things more specific to the membership area. We are on the verge of growth for January. Local Presidents and State Officers will be receiving a growth letter just as soon as the final new member adds are in. With a little extra effort by all, I know we will be able to show the National President why it is that she came to South Dakota in February. For those of you who don't know, she is from Texas and is not at all used to cold weather. It is important to show her that we are starting the year out by adding more people to our local organizations, which benefits our State and National organization as well. Also, by growing in the first month, we have that much more to build on for the rest of the year. When looking at all 5 regions I can see great potential in each. There is work to be done with restarts and getting more chapters to ACS, but we have to TEAM to do just that-- to get the job done. We must first believe in ourselves and we will achieve anything we put our heart and mind to. See you this weekend!

In Jaycees,

Mary Krizan, Membership Vice President

Community Development Vice President

Hello,from Garretson, I know I missed the last state mailing so, for those of you who don't know I am Louis Hentges, 2001 Community Development VP. I hope everyone's Hot Shots and Shooters Ed programs are going well. Keep me informed.
I have been informed that on of the furnaces at the Jaycee Camp, near Baltic, needs to be replaced. If any chapter can make a donation to help with this, please contact myself or NVP Greg Kludt. I will be contacting some chapters in my home area to get help with this. Greg and Chad have some plans for the camp that could bring in some more money, these will be discussed at Feb convention. I, along with them,
am always interested to hear new ideas to help the camp in any way possible.
I have enjoyed my first month as VP and am looking forward to the rest of the year. So keep the emails and newsletters coming and I'll talk (or email) you back. Hope to get a chance to visit with every chapter before to long. Keep believing.

In Jaycees
Louis Hentges, CDVP

Becky Kranz, NEDD

Where does the time go? We all live such busy lives with so many things going on at once.

Life sure would be boring if we weren't so busy!!! What would you do if you had extra time?

I bet you wouldn't know what to do with it! So don't complain about all you have to do and how little time you have to do it in, just do it, keep going and know that what you do today may help someone else tomorrow. Don't squander time, it's what life is made of!!!

Recruitment & Orientation

Best/Worst Orientation

A new member orientation should leave participants excited about becoming involved in their new chapter. What elements make an orientation effective?

 Send me examples of new member orientation elements that worked to get new members enthused about getting
involved. It could be that your own orientation was one you want to share, or maybe one you've helped put together that got the new members going.
On the flip side, what makes an orientation ineffective? What tips do you have for other chapters to avoid? A bad experience right off the bat can drive new members away.

Call, write, or e-mail me your suggestions. I will compile them into a set of guidelines or do's and don'ts that all chapters can utilize.

Jo Wahle
Recruitment & Orientation Program Manager
4800 S. Louise Ave., Apt. 2
Sioux Falls, SD 57106

Lester Stearns, NCDD

Hello from the extreme North,

As you have seen in this state mailing, there is a
Sock Hop in Ipswich on February 17. You can come
dressed up in the 50's style or come normal--but dress up is always fun!!

We will have a district meeting from 6:30 to 7:30 that
night. Chapters in my district are Ipswich, Mobridge,
and Pierre. This is going to be a great time to meet
many other people from the area.

The chapter meeting are Pierre-1st Monday @ 6:30;
Ipswich-2nd Monday @ 7:00; Mobridge-2nd Tuesday @ 7:30. We welcome you to come up and visit anytime.

Bryan Titze SCRD

Hello from Bryan Titze your South-central regional director. This past month I was in Chamberlain to help out with the Hot Shots competition. They had close to 40 participants. Winner will be having their farm home show on the 16th and 17th of March. If anyone is interested in having a booth please call Alicia Nelson at 842-0359. She is Winners president this year.  Mitchell had a board meeting on the 23rd of January. They discussed their yearly planning and goals for 2001. See you next month.

Todd Weber - NEDD

Winter is about over (I hope) but don’t wait till spring to hear it up. State convention will probably be here and gone by the time you read this. If not, let’s show Nat’l President Sydney Ward how we are going to heat it up. Agreat way to get it going is getting to many of the great Northeast projects that are coming up.

They include:
Humboldt – the Annual Casino Night (March), State Shooters ED (April 7), Hot Shots (Feb).
Watertown – Shooters Ed
Colton – membership bowling part (Feb)
Estelline – snowmobile poker run (Feb), crafts show (March)
Madison – shooters ed. (now running)
Hartford – snow tubing (Feb), soccer skills (March)

Call the presidents for the exact time, date, and locations! Have a great Feruary and Grow NERDs Grow!

Janet Naasz – WDD
Western Whispers from West DD Janet Naasz

We're pretty quiet on my front right now!! Starting to make the contacts with members of Sturgis and have contacted Nan Gibson in Rapid for their schedule of events. Congratulations to Nan Gibson of the Rapid City Chapter and Troy Quicke from the Hot Springs Chapter on their being chosen to attend the Presidents Summit in Tulsa Oklahoma in March!!! West rocks!!! Still yet another reminder of the Year End Convention in Mitchell Feb 2-4.

Upcoming events for the Rapid City Chapter are as follows:
Feb. 06: Meeting place TBA
Feb. 17: Pie social at West Hills Village Retirement
Feb. 18: Bowlathon
TBA Hot Shots competition on local level

Hope to see ya all to convention!!!!

Josh Biberdorf, D.C.
West region District Director

Greeting Jaycees,

The WEST is off and running looking to have a great year. The chapters in my district are Hot Springs, and Lead Deadwood. With several members attending LOT'S we have a lot of new idea's and energy to carry us this first trimester. Both chapters are running hot shots and are looking to send participants to the state competition to represent the west. We look forward to continued excitement and hard work from all the west region chapters. Look forward to seeing all a district, or state event.

Yours in Jaycees,

"DDD in the SE" District Director Dave of the South East;

This month of planning with my five chapters has been great. What an experience to work with all of these great chapters. I would like to take something out of this book that I have Positive Thoughts (I’m all over the positive stuff) Take this and use what you can there’s ten of them so you have some to pick through.

Ten Suggestions for a brighter Future

  1. Realize that life isn’t always fair. Accept what you must, and change what you can.
  2. Think before you act. A moment of carelessness or anger can cause years of anguish and regret.
  3. Look for the beauty in life, in people, in nature, and in yourself
  4. Appreciate what you have: the people, the opportunities, and the material possessions.
  5. Make the effort to have fun: it’s a great way to bond with others, and it makes some of the best memories.
  6. Set aside some time for yourself. Do something you enjoy without feeling even a little guilty.
  7. Accept others without judgment. Everyone is unique, and it’s okay to be different.
  8. Forgive. Bitterness and resentment hurts you more than the person you direct them at.
  9. Learn. Open your mind to new ideas and activities, and don’t be afraid to try.

Dream. Make plans, believe in yourself, and go for what you want.

Nathan Sparks
South Dakota Jaycees
OYF Program Manager

Dana Stapelton from Sisseton was awarded the 2001 Outstanding Young Farmer award on January 20th in Mitchell at the Holiday Inn. Dana and his wife, Julie have a cash grain, feeder livestock, and pheasant farm outside of Sisseton. They will be competing for the national OYF next
year, 2002.

First runner up goes to Troy and Karla Engelhart. The Engelhart's are from Westport and operate a cash grain and breeding livestock farm. Second runner up goes to Loren and Alicia Helmer of Andover, and Dale and Jenny Ries of Watertown. All four candidates were very worthy of
the award and should be commended for their achievements.
Thank you to all who attended this years event as your support is much appreciated. Without the support of the State Executive team and Jaycee members, this program would not be what it is today. It has been talked about and will be explored to hold this event along with next years State Convention. It is not too early to start planning to attend and
have a candidate in next years program. I will be taking charge of the program again next year and welcome a second individual to help me out.

I would like to thank Mike Carter of Watertown, Bill LaMee of Groton, and Shane Walters of Dacotah Bank in Sisseton for submitting the applications for this program. I will challenge any chapter to do the work of Shane Walters in Sisseton, who by the way does NOT have a chapter, to submit a candidate next year. Shane and all of the program chairs should be applauded for their efforts. Thanks.
Last but not least, thank you to Dacotah Bank for being the corporate sponsor of this event, and the following for their sponsorship: Cenex Harvest States, East River Electric Cooperative, Farm Forum, Farmland Industries, Novartis Seeds, and South Dakota Wheat Growers. Without your continued support of agriculture, this program would not be alive and strong.

I look forward to taking Scott Hanson to this years National Awards Banquet in Omaha, February 15-18. Scott won the OYF Program last year and has made the top 25 candidates to attend. Please wish him good luck.
Until next time, Don't look too far for that Outstanding Young Farmer Candidate, he or she may live in your back yard or down the street.

Coyote submission for state mailing
Just a reminder the deadline for the upcoming issue of
the coyote is earlier than last year -- it is April 1
(no joke intended :)
Keep in mind there's a challenge out there all can
participate in --- Every submission will be for either
the Southeast, Northeast, West or South Central
region, program managers or the executive board.
Whichever group sends the most items (articles,
pictures, blurbs on upcoming projects etc) gets to
share a cooler of beverages provided by me. The cooler
will be presented at May convention.

Hope to see many submissions -- Elisa Bentler

NEDD Elisa

Are you getting excited? You should be, this year is
going to be great! Projects are in the planning in
Humboldt -- including the chapter's infamous Casino
Night, which is in the works for March -- Flandreau
and Watertown are also going strong.

Hope to see everyone in Mitchell!

GET READY FOR SOME EXCITEMENT, South Dakota Jaycees! Your On-To Dayton crew is ready to rock and roll with memberships and National Convention information. Watch for more info to come at convention in Mitchell. Any questions? Contact: Laura Snow, Jamie Freestone, Mark Koopman, or Teresa Morrisey.


Hello Everyone.

My name is Bart L. Sample, and I am the 2001 president for the Colman Jaycee's. Some of our upcoming events are the Miles Benefit on Feb. 4th at St. Peters Catholic Church beginning at 11:00am. A poker run, kids dance, the Easter bunny and of course the world famous Loony Day held in August.

This is going to be a very bissy year for everyone. We will be needing help with some of the events and we are willing to entertain challenges with other chapters who find themselves in the same proverbial boat.

I would like to take this opportunity to recognize and Thank the following people. Emily Voelker for all her hard work and dedication putting together the Miles Benefit, Renae Ross & Steve Voelker for their awesome recruiting talents, Shelly Shoenrock, Julie Sharp, & Jim Engelkes for putting together our 1st annual Poker run. I would also like to welcome Marty Miles & Vonda Ponto to the Chapter.

Lets have a fun, exciting & safe year.

Bart L. Sample
2001 Local President

NVP Greg Kludt

Fellow Jaycees -

I am writing my Jaycee States to offer something great - a chance to make history. Much like our most recent Presidential election, the US Jaycees have an opportunity to make something happen in 2001 that has not happened
in quite some time. Of course, I am hopeful that our historical opportunity will be to make our entire organization grow in membership. While this may not seem as historic as the closest election in more than one hundred years, it is no less monumental.
We live in times when volunteerism is steadily declining, and only we can change that, by reaching out to our next generation of leaders and asking them to get involved. If you begin by targeting the people who will take over this organization long after you age out, you are talking to the right people. Just ask what they would like to do, and you might be surprised by their answers. They want the same things you and I did at age 21 - great careers, meaningful lives in strong communities, and good friends. Jaycees can provide the leadership skills they need to achieve those things. The
United States still provides one of the greatest places to offer leadership skills to others. We are free to run nearly any project we choose.
In a fit of inspiration one day, I was writing down my thoughts on the Florida election situation, and I came to realize something else about this great country we live in. Below is what I wrote, in a message to someone who
was trashing the U.S. for the silliness that was taking place in Florida.
Not until much later did I re-read this and feel that it may be worth keeping and sharing with others:
"While we all have grown tired of the nightmare that was the Presidential Election, and whether we are Bush or Gore fans - we should celebrate one particular part of that seemingly unending process. We are one of only a few countries in the world that are stable enough to have no bloodshed, civil
war or bullet-riddled uprising by radicals, etc. Our democracy kicked in, with all of it's checks and balances of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of our government. The fact is - we got our President elected - AND the system our forefathers laid out to handle rare situations like this, STILL WORKS!"
"I hate the frivolous pursuit of lawsuits as much as anyone, and certainly, political power, greed and selfishness are at the root of many political agendas today, but the underlying system, though dormant for long stretches of time, rises up and ultimately allows for a well-though-out decision by
some of the wisest people in our country. So - let us rejoice that we need not resort to charging into the white house and driving out dictators with guns and firebombs (see the former Yugoslavia), for we have a working system to ultimately decide based on representatives of the people, elected by the
people." No government system is perfect, but our forefathers certainly deserve credit for creating a system that stands the test of time. I for one am still proud of America, even with the silliness and problems we have. At least we are free, as Jaycees, to try to help fix the silliness and problems!

Keep Sharing Jaycees,

Greg J. Kludt
2001 National Vice President


New Address

Kevin & Jamie Freestone, - 125 N. Harrison, Pierre, SD 57501

West DD

Josh Biberdorf – W:341-2903

Program Manager Changes or additions

TOYSD: phone different 363-3309

Speak Up – Dawn Connor 752 Lion Dr. Rapid City (H)338-0384

Write Up – Shannon Brinkman – Watertown

Local Presidents Coach (H)712-281-5788

Chapter corrections or Additions

Aberdeen – Roger Delzers w:229-2412

Brandon – Jim Orr, 801 Maywood Brandon, SD 57005 Email

Canton – Brad Peterson

Colton – meet at 2nd Tuesday 7pm

EPJ – Meetings change Even Elk Point ODD Jefferson

GDV – Sr. Center

Groton – Dave’s Email

Hartford - Treasurer Amy Anderson 302 Ramona Dr

Madison – Pres address- RR2 Box A1

Marion – New President – Beckky Mammenga 204 W. Florida St. (H)648-3774

Mitchell – New Treasurer – Suzie Lampe 405 S. Edmunds

Pierre – President (H)945-2385 Email

Web address

Meetings St. Charles Hotel 1st Monday 6:15pm

Rapid City President is Nan (not Nat) (H)355-0878

Meetings place changes

Sioux Falls – Meet at Non Profit Center 1000NW Ave Suite 100A at 7:30pm

Worthing President – Robert Bly 200 S. Steven St. Worthing SD 57077 (H)372-4137

Treas. Holly Jensen 100 N. Steven St

Meetings @ City Hall

Winner President – Alicia Nelson, (H)842-0359

Treas. Melanie Bachman


South Dakota Jaycees
Planning Session – Mount Marty College
November 18, 2000

President Angie called the General Membership meeting to order at approximately 1:05pm.

MVP Laura Snow presented invocation.

Roll call: 11 chapters were present.

Parliamentarian: Motion to appoint Louis Hentges as parliamentarian by Sioux Falls, 2nd by Elk Point, passed.

Approval of Agenda: Motion to approve by Hartford, 2nd by Pierre, passed.

Approval of Minutes: Motion to approve by Mitchell, 2nd by Madison, passed.

Treasurer’s Report: Motion to approve by Aberdeen, 2nd by GDV, passed.

Old Business

A. Convention – Year end convention will be held in Mitchell. Early registrations must be received by Jan. 10th; anything after that date is considered a late registration. Final numbers need to be in by Jan. 28th. First trimester convention is tentatively scheduled for the second weekend in May in Rapid City. Second trimester convention may be held in Aberdeen.

B. TOYSD – Guest speaker will be Dr. Vance Thompson, Mistress of Ceremony will be Nancy Naeve.

C. Shooter’s Ed. Bid – no bid has been received at this time. A bid is needed by the February convention.

D. ON-TO – Report presented by Teresa Morrisey. 2001 convention will be held in Dayton, Ohio. Program Managers are, Jamie Freestone, Laura & Pat Snow and Karen Erickson.

E. Hot Shots – Will be held in Lake Preston the first weekend in February.

Motion to approve Old Business by Groton, 2nd by Pierre, passed.

New Business

  1. Year end Closeout – Tuesday, December 5th. This deadline will not be extended.
  2. LOTS – January 13th at the Elks Club in Mitchell. The Outstanding Young Farmer candidates will also be recognized at this time.
  3. Year End Convention – February 2-4 in Mitchell.
  4. Handicap Camp Board – President Greg Kludt. The camp is trying to get electricity and sewage hooked up so that an individual can live their full time to prevent vandalism.

Motion to accept New Business Reports by Colton, 2nd by Hartford, passed.

Return the Favor JCI – Recognized Scott Delzer for TOYSD and Kelli Bohls for Extension Services.

Vice President Reports

MDVP - Teresa Morrisey

Will only hold one silent auction for the Handicap Camps a year.

Results of Planning Session.

Motion to approve by Sioux Falls, 2nd by GDV, Passed

IDVP – John Hammer

Results of Planning Session/Recommendations.

Motion by Colton, 2nd by Hartford, passed.

MVP – Laura Snow

Results of Planning Session/ Recommentdations.

Motion by Pierre, 2nd by Colton, passed.

President Elect Comments – SD Jaycees 65th President Rick Huntimer.

Motion to adjourn by EPJ, 2nd by Estelline, passed.

Adjourned with the Creed led by Dave Pond of Sioux Falls.


Jaycee HotShot is a basketball skills competition, which involves shooting baskets from five Hotspots, marked on one half of a basketball court. The competition tests a participant’s speed, shooting ability, dribbling skills and rebounding ability within a series of one-minute time periods. Three one-minute rounds of HotShot constitutes the

duration of play and the participant with the highest number of points in accordance with the following rules is declared the winner.

Each Jaycee HotShot is two feet in diameter. Using the template on the following page, the measurements are taken from the point on the floor directly under the center of the basket to the center of each Hotspot:

  1. The left comer: Center Hotspot A at 12 feet-score worth 2 points

  2. Left of the key: Center Hotspot B at 18 feet-score worth 4 points

  3. Top of foul circle: Center Hotspot C at 21 feet-score worth 5 points

  4. Right of key: Center Hotspot D at IS feet-score worth 3 points

  5. Right comer: Center 1-fotspot E at 15 feet-score worth 3 points

The Hotspots can be marked with chalk, masking tape or other appropriate materials.

A participant has one minute to score as many points as possible. Starting at the center of the half-court line, he/she dribbles into shooting range and shoots from the Hotspots in any sequence.

The participant can attempt as many lay-ups as he/she wishes, however, only two lay-ups are scored, each worth two points. All other shots must be taken from any of the five Hotspots. Five bonus points are awarded if a player attempts one shot from all five Hotspots. An additional ten points are awarded if a player attempts a second shot from all five Hotspots. All totaled, a bonus of 15 points shall be awarded during a one-minute round, if a competitor attempts two shots from all five Hotspots. These points are awarded regardless of whether the baskets are made.

  1. When shooting from a Hotspot, a player must begin the shot with at least one foot within the center of the Hotspot. A disqualified shot will not count towards points or towards the bonus.

  2. If the ball lodges between the basket and backboard or if the ball goes out of play, play is stopped and the ball is retrieved. Play and time begins at the spot where the contestant took the last shot.

  3. One point is subtracted for each dribbling and motion violation. (Palming, walking, or double dribbling)

  4. Ties are settled by a one-minute playoff.

  5. All scores and decisions made by the supervising official are final.

  6. Three one-minute rounds constitute a competitors score.


NAME___________________________ DOB________________

ADDRESS________________________ CURRENT AGE______

I am allowing my child to compete in the HotShot competition sponsored by the local Jaycee chapter. I understand that the Jaycees are not responsible for accidents that could occur while participating in this competition.

SIGNATURE OF PARENT_______________________________________

Age categories for competition: 

9-10 Girls   

9-10 Boys   

11-12 Girls   

11-12 Boys


THAT YOU ARE ENTERING IN 13-14 Girls or Boys

Your child must be, for instance, 9 on or before Jan 1, 2001 and not be older than 10 on or before Jan 1, 2001 to compete in that age category.



Fellow Jaycees:

The Lake Preston Jaycees will be hosting the 2001 South Dakota State Hotshot Competition on Saturday, February 24, 2001 at the Lake Preston High School Gym. We would like to challenge all chapters to host a local Hotshot competition so that you are eligible to send your kids on the State competition.

Enclosed you will find the necessary forms and rules needed to host this competition. Each participant should receive a copy of the rules and bring a signed consent form when they register. One local winner from each age/sex division will be eligible to compete in the State competition. Also, you will find the starting times for each age/sex division (registration for each is ½ hour before their scheduled play times).

The Hotshot competition is an easy, fun, and inexpensive program for any chapter to run. We encourage the local chapters to sponsor your winners for the 2001 State competition. Registrations need to be signed and received along with the $30.00 registration fee to the address below by February 1, 2001. No registrations will be accepted the day of the competition. If you have any questions, please contact Kim Williams at 847-4635. Registrations should be sent to:

Kim Williams

PO Box 386

Lake Preston, SD 57249

Thank you for participating with the Hotshot program! We look forward to seeing you in February!


There are six age/sex categories for competition in the JAYCEES HOTSHOT. These categories are:

Boys 9-10 years 11-12 years 13-14 years

Girls 9-10 years 11-12 years 13-14 years


    1. Must be 9 on or before January 1, 2001. They must not reach their 11th birthday before January 1, 2001.
    1. Must not reach their 13th birthday before January 1, 2001.
    1. Must not reach their 15th birthday before January 1, 2001.

Competitors may compete only within their respective age/sex categories. For example, a 10-year-old girl must compete in the 9-10 category for the girls and is then ineligible to compete in all other categories.

A contestant may compete at only one site, or represent one JAYCEE chapter during the HOTSHOT year. A contestant who has competed at more than one location will become ineligible to compete in HOTSHOT during that year.

All local winner entry forms must be received at the following address by February 1, 2001.



PO BOX 386


A $30.00 entry fee must accompany each entry received. No entries will be taken the day of the competition.

Year End Convention Agenda

Ipswich Sock Hop