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Calendar of Events


ASAP!!! ONTO Registrations Due NOW Contact Laura Snow
June 20-23 2000 National Convention Dayton, OH
June 25 State Mailing Articles Due Send to State Office
June 28 June Closeout & Early Retention Call In!    996-6308
July 1 Submit Mid Year Chapter Evaluations Postmarked to State Office
July 14 Northeast Regional Rally - Watertown TBA
July 26 July Closeout & Early Retention Call In!  996-6308
Aug. 1 Coyote Submission Deadline Postmarked to Elisa Bentler
Sept. 1 Project of the Trimester Submissions Postmarked to VP's
Sept. 21-23 !!!  September Convention  !!! Lead
Nov. 1 2nd Submission Sustaining Members w/Checks Postmarked to Teresa Morrisey