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April  2001
South Dakota Jaycee
State Officers

Rick Huntimer, President
Mary Krizan, MemVP
Beth Delzer, IDVP
Louis Hentges, CDVP
Angie Weber,, COB
Steve & Rhonda Weidner, P. A.’s
Ross Determan, Treasurer
Julie Anderson
, Chaplain
Kim Williams, Secretary
Julie Anderson, Chaplain
Tom Mortland, Legal Council

Chapter Services Center
909 N. Main St.
PO Box 863
Mitchell, SD 57301

Phone # 605-996-6308
Fax 605-996-6322

Office hours
Monday - Friday
9am - 3pm

Executive Secretary
Pam Stransky

Greetings South Dakota Jaycees!!

It seems that Spring is finally upon us. The cold seems to be mainly behind us and the snow is slowly melting. I feel that a big reason for a lot of this is the work that the SD Jaycees have been doing and the way they are heating up things. We've successfully completed our first three months of the new millennium and we have a lot of things to be proud of.

We have just finished our third consecutive month of growth for the year 2001. Thank you to each and every one of you for your involvement in that. Each of you played a key role in our success. But what does it really mean that we have grown each month? Does it mean that we just have more members? No, it's much more than that. It means that we have new ideas, new projects, more people to run things, more people to get excited about Jaycees, and more ways to make an impact on our communities. The Community, Individual, and Management portions of our organization play such vital roles, and it is our Membership that is a driving force behind them. Thank you for all that you have done to strengthen each and every area of our organization.

Our next state convention is right around the corner. Make your plans now to attend. It will be taking place May 11-13 in Aberdeen. If you were at the last convention in Mitchell, I'm sure you'll want to attend this one. If you weren't able to make it, you probably heard about it and will want to get to Aberdeen to see what all the excitement was about. We have made a change to the competitions, so be sure to take note of that further on in the state mailing. I'm also pleased to announce that our guest trainer for the weekend will be Stubby Stumbaugh from the great state of Arkansas. Some of you may remember Stubby from his visit to our convention in Pierre in 1998. Stubby brings an excitement and enthusiasm about the Jaycees that is unmatched by many a Jaycee. With Stubby Stumbaugh arriving and the other things we have planned, you do not want to miss it.

A major announcement has been made involving the US and SD Jaycees. Imagine if you will the premier event that the US Jaycees run and combine that with South Dakota hospitality. In June of 2002, the United States Jaycees Ten Outstanding Young Americans (TOYA) will take place at the Annual Meeting which will be in Sioux Falls, SD. TOYA is an event that has been in place for over 60 years. Past winners include David Copperfield, Joe Foss, Henry Ford II, John F Kennedy, Elvis Presley, and Ted Waitt, just to name a few. TOYA is an event that I am extremely excited to see come to South Dakota. It is an opportunity for not only South Dakota, but also the entire Midwest to show everyone exactly why we have the best Jaycees in the nation!

Thank you for all you've done this year. Remember to keep reaching for the stars, for it only by reaching up and out that we can truly find the path that will lead us to our success.

Take care and keep believin'

Rick Huntimer
65th State President, SD Jaycees


1 – Coyote Article Due
2 – First Blue Chip Due
6-8 NCI – Deadwood SD
25 – PARADE info Due

25 – State Mailing Articles due
26 – Close out & Early Retention

11-12 1st Trimester Convention
25 – State Mailing Articles due
31 – Close out & Early Retention

20-23 National Convetion – Dayton OHIO
25 – State Mailing Articles due
28 – Close out & Early Retention

25 – State Mailing Articles due
26 – Close out & Early Retention
28 – State Volley Ball – Sioux Falls

1 – Coyote Article Due
4 – Auction for the Camps – Watertown
25 – State Mailing Articles due
30 – Close out & Early Retention

25 – State Mailing Articles due
27 – Close out & Early Retention

25 – State Mailing Articles due
25 – Close out & Early Retention

1 – Coyote Article Due
25 – State Mailing Articles due

4 – Year End Close out
7 – Final Blue Chip Due
25 – State Mailing Articles due
31 – Coyote Article Due

1st Trimester Parade information is due in my office postmarked April 25

 due to the timeline of the May convention.


South Dakota Jaycees,

How are you doing? I hope just fine. The Live Auction for the JC Camps for the Exceptional will be held in front of the Public at the Guest House in Watertown, SD August 4th starting at 6:00 pm.

We will still have a Silent Auction at the September Convention Here is a list of Motels you can stay at:

Days Inn 886-3500
Super 8 Motel 882-1900 $45.00
Comfort Inn 886-3010 $50.00
Stones Inn 882-3630
Guest House 886-8061

I am also writing letters and sending brochures about the Camps to business’. I will show you a great time in Watertown, at the Guest House. I hope I get a lot of Donations from the business’s that I send to. See you in Aberdeen at the Ramada In May 11-13th. I will give more information about this at convention in May.

Also Jaycee Camp T-shirts are $20.00 each sizes up to 3XL. 

Mike "Kool" Grengs
Handicap Camp Sales & Promotions
Program Manager 2001

Camp for the Exceptional T-shirt order form

Yes I want _____ shirt

Mark the size you need of each.


Make checks payable to J&B Screen Printing
Please mail the order form & check to:

Mike "Kool" Grengs
222 8th Ave. S.W. #301
Watertown, SD 57201

Slide show Pictures

Chapters and Executive Team, Please submit any and all pictures you may have
for the May Boards slide show to

Rhonda Weidner
47378 SD Hwy 50
Elk Point, SD 57025.





*Executive Secretary Notes*

If anyone wants to submit articles, can you put them in Word format, I have had trouble copying some formats. I wish I could make them look as nice as they do when I get them, but I can at least get the information out there.

Thanks Pam

Write UP

South Dakota Jaycees-

Hello to each and every one of you. I am writing, which I hope you will do at our next convention in Aberdeen, to inform you about write-up and to send you the information that you will need in advance.

I am asking that everyone pre-register for the competition this time to help better organize the event. I am asking that you register by May 1 so that I have time to prepare for the competition and line up judges for the writing.

Eligibility: Each chapter selects its representative/s.
Criteria: The essay will be judged on the basis of comprehension and clarity of the topic, format of presentation (logic), development of essay (creativity) and mechanics. Judging Procedure: An impromptu topic will be given to all contestants
at the beginning of the competition. Each contestant will have 30 minutes to complete the impromptu topic. No outside material shall be allowed inside the competition.

Contestants are encouraged to wear business/professional attire to the competition.

To enter:
Please email me, Shanon Brinkman at You must include your chapter name, your name, address, phone and email if
applicable. You may also write to me at my home if you do not have access to a computer.
Shanon Brinkman
716 3rd St. NE
Watertown, SD 57201Or call and leave me a message - 605-884-0885

Again, I am encouraging each chapter to bring a participant to state convention. It is a lot of fun and everyone can better themselves by just participating.
Thanks and hope to see you all in Aberdeen,

Shanon Brinkman
Write-Up Chairperson

Individual Development VP - Beth Delzer

Hello, South Dakota Jaycees!!!

Welcome to another addition of the State Mailing!! It has been an exciting month with some of our local Presidents making trips to places such as Tulsa and St. Louis for Local Presidents Summits. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you all back home and to thank you for taking the time to absorb as much information (among other things) as you possibly could during your adventure.
March also took me to several communities including: Sioux Falls, to their home show daycare (Jordin had a good time); to their "Exhausted Rooster" gathering (the chili was awesome); Brookings, Lennox, Vermillion, and Fort Pierre included recruiting (thanks to all those chapters dedicated to establishing and reinforcing the Jaycee beliefs); Humboldt's Annual Casino Night (the DVD works great); to Montrose for dinner with Sydney Ward and Kelly Wills; and finally to Garretson for their OY Banquet and the North East Regional Rally and to Worthing for the South East Regional Rally (I had a great time at both). Thank you, Garretson and Worthing for taking the time to host the Rallies. Your hospitality is greatly, greatly appreciated.

Thank you to each one of my program managers who have taken the time to get everything ready for the regional rallies, the state mailing and for the competitions at conventions. I appreciate each one of you.


Please check Speak-up, Write-up, Jeopardy, and S/B/A Programs out; there have been a few changes that will require some planning.

All chapters will need to have competitors fully registered for each convention. Each competitor will need to be pre-registered by the deadline dates established by the program manager on the entry forms. All entry forms are available in this state mailing. There are a couple reasons why this procedure will be necessary. Times will be established for competitors allowing us to eliminate any unnecessary noise around the competition rooms. Also the S/B/A résumé's and portfolio's will be judged prior to convention giving the judges the time needed to adequately look through them and not be a rushed job. This will also cut down on the time needed on Friday for judging those competitions. Any questions concerning a program may be directed toward the Program Manager in charge or myself.

Thanks for your time, and I look forward to seeing all of you at NCI.

Beth Delzer--2001 IDVP

Membership Vice President
Mary Krizan

Greetings SD Jaycees!!

First I want to congratulate everyone again on the first two months being growth months for the South Dakota Jaycees! I am confident that we will grow again in March because I know how hard everyone has been working! It is very impressive to see how the chapters and regions are coming together this early in the year!! The regional rallies that were held in March are sure to give our members that necessary mid-trimester boost!

I want to remind everyone of the "Believers and Achievers" recruiters banner. Please email or send me your members who need to be recognized for believing in the Jaycees and are working hard to achieve our membership goals. I need them by April 25th in order to get their names on the banner for May Convention! President Rick also has some incentives for this month, so be sure to look for them in this mailing. Start working your membership early and you will be able to relax a little more later.

Our state has a lot going for it right now… probably more than everyone realizes. We are hosting the NCI meeting next weekend, we have strong competitors who will represent us at National Convention in June and we have the honor of hosting Ten Outstanding Young Americans in 2002!! Not to mention the many great projects and events in between. Our job right now is to increase our membership to ensure that the South Dakota Jaycees have manpower to complete our local, state programs and host this very prestigious national event!

Keep up the good work!

Mary Krizan
Membership Vice President

Community Development VP
Louis Hentges

Wow! what a first three months. Nice to see the ground again, still some snow but there is renewed hope that spring is here. Time to think
Diamond Skills, if you haven't gotten your package yet contact Elisa Bentler or myself and we will get one to you. I love meeting those new
members. Hi Vermillion Jaycees! and the new members in Brookings, look forward to attending events in your chapters in the future. Keep up the good work recruiting, remember the more members you have the less the work load for you. I am looking forward to seeing many of you in Deadwood for NCI and then just a short month later in Aberdeen for boards. Remember the camp clean up days at the Baltic camp April 21 & 28. Keep those donations coming in for the siding. Hopefully we can get all the cabins done this year. Mike Grengs has an auction lined up for August to benefit the camps so try to make it to Watertown for that. (more details later)
Well gotta go for now, keep up the excellent work and HAPPY EASTER.
Louis Hentges
2001 CDVP

Committed to Community

*Presidential Privilege Points for April*

Points Only to be taken in the Presidential Privilege area of the parade.

Grow by population division, 25 points. 5 points for each additional new member, maximum points allowed = 50 points. example: A Pop 3 chapter would need to be +3 to receive 25 points. They would need to be +8 to receive 50 points.

5 points per person attending Camp Cleanup in Baltic on 4/21 or 4/28, maximum points = 25. Or If unable to attend, 5 points for every $20,maximum points =25 contributed in April to the Baltic and Rapid City camp funds.

Western Whispers from West DD

Janet Naasz

The year-end Convention is now a great memory and fast approaching is the May convention. The West is doing great. Rapid City is adding new members as well as the Sturgis. My home chapter has completed an in chapter extension and I had the honor of recruiting the last two members to make it complete. We have great energy out in the West. Both the Sturgis and Rapid City Chapters have a busy schedule of events. I have had the opportunity to go to Rapid for an event. Spending time with them was great!! I had the opportunity to meet more of their members and spend time with the ones I already knew. Nan has told me that the National President's Summit was awesome and there was much to be learned. Jerrid in Sturgis is getting the Chapter on track and I have had the pleasure of spending time both in conversation and in person. I would like to take this opportunity to invite any and all to come to help with the Sturgis Track Meet on May 5th. This is a huge event for this Chapter and would be an

opportunity for the executive team to come see us Waaay out West!!!! Besides we out here have been enjoying the spring like weather 50's and have NO snow. Our grass is getting green!!! West is Best!!!

Batting Cage Anybody?

The Pierre Jaycees Batting Cage will be opening up for the second season starting in April and running through September. Our chapter invites anybody that is driving by or visiting town to stop by and hit a few baseballs around. Looking for more information contact myself at 224-8056.

Bill Vogl
Pierre Jaycees

Greetings from the North Central!

The snow seems to finally be disappearing, which means it’s time to get outside! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for winter to be over. Those "fun in the sun" activities are so much more fun when there’s sun! And I most definitely looking forward to driving without icy roads!

Speaking of "fun in the sun", Groton is planning to have their annual Easter Egg Hunt on April 1st. It’s going to be a great time for everyone! They also will be working the booth at their Farm & Home Show on March 30th, and will be doing their Sandbox Fill on May 5th.

Aberdeen is also planning the WalkAmerica for April 28th, a great fundraising activity for the March of Dimes. If there isn’t one happening in your community, consider jumping up to one nearby to help out this great cause.

Eureka is off to a fiery start too! They have grown every month this year and have had excellent turnouts for their shooter’s education and hot shots. They are having their shoot-off on April 1st and expect a great turnout for that. They are also planning to do a family dance in April or May.

I think that’s it for my district. We’re rolling already this year and we’re not gonna slow down!!

Kevin Freestone


 The Family Life Competitions are being brought back to our state.  This competition is similar to the SBA (Springboard, Brownfield, Armbruster) Competitions. It is called the Mungenast Memorial Award in the National Jaycees competition. The award is named in honor the Andrew and Charlotte Mungenast. Andrew was one of the founders of the U.S. Junior Chamber of Commerce and served as its first secretary. His wife, Charlotte, was known as the First Lady of Jaycees by the U.S. Junior Chamber of Commerce and Junior Chamber International. The aware is given to families who have promoted and exemplified the objectives and beliefs of the Jaycee Creed.

ELIGIBILITY:   Married couples with or without children, single member parents with children, and brother/sister living in the same household may enter this competition.  Contestants must be fully registered.  Should anyone in the family group be a current or past National Officer, current or past National Staff Officer, current or past State President, current state officer, program manger for any of the individual competition areas, or current Local President who has served during the year on which judging is based on, then the family is not eligible.

PROCEDURE FOR ENTERING AND JUDGING PROCEDURE:  Each family nominated must submit a personal portfolio that reflect their activates. The portfolio shall include only those activities entered into during the Junior Chamber fiscal year.  The portfolio and three (3) copies (total of 4 portfolios) are to be mailed within 2 weeks before of the competition for the given boards to:

Dawn Rice
812 S. Highland Ave
Sioux Falls, SD  57103

The judges will review the resumes before boards and conduct an oral interview of each nominee at boards.  The resume will count fifty percent (50%) and the oral interview fifty percent (50%).  A portion of the interview will be based on the resume.  The entire family will be interviewed (although children are not required to be present).

Competition Portfolios for family life will be the same format as SBA portfolios.  Should the portfolio not be received by me before the 2 weeks before boards deadline, the family will not be eligible to compete.  (If you or your chapter is interested in submitting competitors for the family life competition, but needing examples and/or assistance in putting together a portfolio first, I may be more lineate on this for the first boards since I am currently just getting the program up and running again.  I must be contacted regarding any extension requests however.  I am currently working on obtaining example portfolios.  Once I have more information, I will be sure to put it out in the next mailing.

If you are interested in competing, please contact me at 605-335-4363 or email

Dawn Rice
Family Life/Spiritual Program Manager.


South Dakota Jaycee's

I hope everyone is excited out there! There is alot to be excited about. Everyone has GREAT spring projects planned, and after the winter that we have had I'm sure no one would complain about getting out to help and visit each others chapters. Remember to take a friend with you and get visitation points for doing something as fun as visiting new places and meeting new people.

Has everyone been out recruiting at least once yet? Well grab some friends, set a date and go. There is nothing more rewarding than giving someone a chance to experience what the South Dakota Jaycee's have to offer. Here are a few people who deserve to be recognized for their recruiting efforts: Steve Voelker, Renae Ross, John Hammer, and Todd Beutler. If I haven't mentioned your name , then your in luck. There is a state mailing going out each month and I will be sure to recognize you in the next one.

Keep up all the great work and have fun with it.

Alice Hammer
2001 NEDD

DDD’s   Insights

75% of American’s are chronically dehydrated.

In 37% of American’s, the thirst mechanism is so weak that it is often mistaken for hunger. Even MILD dehydration will slow down one’s metabolism as much as 3% One glass of water shuts down midnight hunger pangs for almost 100% of the dieters studied in a University of Washington study.

Lack of water, the #1 trigger of daytime fatigue.

Preliminary research indicates that 8-10 glasses of water a day could significantly ease back and joint pain for up to 80% of sufferers. A mere 2% drop in body water can trigger fuzzy short-term memory, trouble with basic math, and difficulty focusing on the computer screen or on a printed page.

Drinking 5 glasses of water daily decreases the risk of colon cancer by 45%, plus it can slash the risk of breast cancer by 79%, and one is 50% less likely to develop bladder cancer.

Are you drinking the amount of water you should every day?

SouthEast’s District Director Dave Pond


South Dakota Jaycee,

It’s hard to believe we are through three months of the year already. Things are going good in the Northeast. The first Northeast Regional Rally of the year was a big success! Thank you VP Delzer and all the ID Program Managers for your great ID competitions and training. Congratulations to all the competition winners! Take that experience to you local chapters and build your ID area to include more competitors at May Convention.

Growth every month so far from the Northeast and we’re just starting to pick up momentum. It’s getting contagious and that’s good! The busy time of year is just about upon us. Don’t forget to use all of those projects as recruiting possibilities. When we run projects, people attend. They are not all Jaycees! Ask them to be one! Go South Dakota and Go Northeast!

Todd J. Weber
2001 NERD


I would like to encourage everyone to participate in some sort of speak-up activity this year. You might wonder why this would be important. Have you ever stopped to think about how many times we are called upon to present ourselves in a professional manner? It may be a presentation at work. What about representing the Jaycees at a Community function or event? Are you involved in your children’s activities such as soccer, 4H, and other school programs and sports? These are all instances where we may be called upon to present information, persuade others, or sell ideas.

I hope that you will consider working public speaking into your regular meetings. There are many different ways this can be done that are fun and non-threatening to members who may not be comfortable speaking to a group. Make the presentations short and the topics fun. I would be happy to work with you to incorporate ideas that will work in your meetings.

I would also like to encourage all chapters to participate in the Speak-Up Program during convention in May. Information and a registration form are included in this State Mailing. Some of the rules are different from previous years, so please be sure to look over the information. Again, feel free to contact me with any questions on Speak-Up or if you would like assistance in implementing some ideas in your chapters. I look forward to speaking to many of you!


Dawn Connor, Speak-Up Program Manager

South Dakota Jaycees Speak – Up Program

The Speak-Up competition is a tool for competitors to increase their confidence in public speaking. The contestant is judged on 2 speeches, one prepared and one impromptu. The topic for the prepared presentation will be sent via U.S. Mail to all registered contestants one week prior to the date of competition. The topic for the impromptu presentation will be given to the contestant just prior to their presentation. Contestants will be judged on Delivery, Content, Salesmanship and Continuity of their presentation. The winner will be announced during the Awards Session and will deliver their presentation to those in attendance.

  1. All contestants must be pre-registered for the competition in order to compete.
  2. All entries must be sent to the Program Manager via U.S. Mail and be postmarked by April 25, 2001. Mailing address: Dawn Connor

    752 Lion Dr
    Rapid City SD 57701
    (605) 388-0384 – home
    (605) 719-0144 – work

  3. Contestants must have a full registration to Boards in order to participate.
  4. The time limit for the prepared speech will be 3-5 minutes.
  5. The time limit for the impromptu speech will be 2-4 minutes.
  6. Individuals able to compete for their local chapter, but ineligible to win at the State level or advance to National competitions include: current or past national officers, current or past national staff officers, current or past state presidents, current state officers, unqualified state chairmen, individual development program managers, past annual speak-up competitors, current local presidents who have served during the year on which judging is based.
  7. Contestants will be notified in advance of their presentation time.
  8. Spectators will only be permitted to enter and leave the judging area between competitors.
  9. Contestants are encouraged to wear a business suit/dress. No identifying badges, shirts or pins will be allowed. A Jaycee membership pin is allowed/encouraged. Props/Notes will not be permitted.

South Dakota Jaycees Speak – Up Program

Registration Form

Name: _________________________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________



E-Mail Address: __________________________________________

Chapter: _________________________________________________

Estimated time of arrival at State Convention Headquarters: ___________

Please feel free to contact Dawn Connor with any questions.

Dawn Connor
752 Lion Dr.
Rapid City, SD 57701
(605) 388-0384 – home
(605) 719-0144 – work

1st Lady

Is there someone in your chapter that needs a pat on the back for a job well done?
Is there someone in your chapter who believes in the Jaycees so much that they make you believe?
Is there someone in your chapter that deserves recognition because of their great achievement?
Is there someone in your chapter that is the true spirit the Jaycees should be about?

If so please nominate this person for the Spirit of the Jaycees award. See that the person who inspires you to Believe & Achieve can be recognized and celebrated by the Jaycee organization. See this person get the recognition that they so deserve. Awards are presented at each boards during the lunch segment. The nomination letters are read and the recipient can then be recognized and celebrated. This is a great morale boaster for the general membership to see a person so deserving be awarded.

So please consider nominating that special person in your chapter or in the Jaycee organization. Nominations should be sent (Tammy Huntimer 505 E 2nd Colton, SD 57018) or emailed ( to me by April 27th If you nominate via email please make sure I reply that I received your nomination, if not than send again.

Thanks for your consideration.

Hi all!  Spring is coming, I'm sure it is.  The year is on its way.  I decided to document the year by doing a scrapbook for Rick showing where he has been and what he has been doing.  I have some pictures and invitations already but if you have some or if you want to do a page for his scrapbook I will bring it to boards, if that doesn't work let me know.  Thank you for most of you who have been calling earlier and not later.  I had to roll my eyes at a Coastal person calling at 11:00 our time but it was only 9:00 their time.  So thanks for the consideration.  Thirdly I would like to put in my little plug to nominate the deserving Jaycees in our state and in your chapter for the Spirit of the Jaycee award.  I would like the nominations in by April 27th.  If you email the nomination, make sure I send a response or send it again.  Thank you for the nominations in advance!  See you at boards or some other function in the state. (Colton's Street Dance June 21st if anyone wants to help and get browning points from the First Lady :) ).

Tammy Huntimer
Wife of the 65th State President


Hello South Dakota Jaycees. For those of you that don’t know me my name is Teresa Morrisey and this year I am your Sustaining Member Program Manager. Some of you may be wondering what is a sustaining member and why you should participate with this program. A sustaining member is a support mechanism for businesses or individuals to support a local chapter like yours and/or the state organization.

The state has a program that is a $25.00 cost to the business or individual. For this the business or individual gets their business listed in the South Dakota Coyote magazine which is distributed 3 times a year and a plaque to display in their place of business recognizing their support. The following years when they are renewing their sustaining membership and continuing to support the organization they will actually receive a year plate to be added to their plaque recognizing the years of support. This mailing reaches approximately 1,500+ individuals across the state of South Dakota 3 times a year.

I cannot think of a better way to get advertising out to a large number of individuals for such a minimal fee and know that you are helping to support an organization committed to developing future leaders and improving communities. But this is not all. As I stated above this is also a potential revenue mechanism for your local chapters. You are welcome to charge any dollar amount above and beyond the $25.00 that you are submitting to the state and utilize that as funds to help the running of your chapter, possibly your newsletter, or supporting projects.

For example, you can charge a $50.00 sustaining membership cost. Send $25.00 of that to the state organization in which the sustaining member will receive a plaque recognizing their support and also have their business listing in the Coyote Magazine which is mailed to 1,500+ South Dakota Jaycees 3 times a year and keep the additional $25.00 for your local chapter. On your local level you can provide them a business card advertisement or business name listing for patronizing in your monthly communication that is distributed to your members. There are also chapters that charge even higher dollar amounts and include annual memberships with it. I will talk more about that in subsequent mailings.

So, what do you need to do to get one of your local businesses recognized as a South Dakota Sustaining Member? Just provide the Business or Individual’s name, address, identify if it is a new membership or renewal along with a $25.00 check to myself and I will do the rest of the work to ensure you receive the plaque’s and the information is supplied to the Coyote. My information is:

Teresa Morrisey
c/o SD Sustaining Membership Program
4 Penrose Dr.
McCook Lake, SD 57049

There are also parade points for paid Sustaining Membership submissions. The parade points will be verified by myself so it is imperative that you send all information and monies to me at the above address. If you have questions or an idea on this that you would like to run by me feel free to call me at 605-232-5022 or email me at Take advantage of this great revenue opportunity for your local chapter and the state. Our goal for this year is to increase our sustaining memberships to a minimum of 225. There will be updates on the South Dakota Jaycee website.

In Jaycees,

Teresa Morrisey
2001 Sustaining Membership Program Manager

Sustaining Members Form

SDJCC Springboard, Brownfield, Armbruster Entry Form Eligibility


Member will have completed 90 days of membership. A member will only be eligible for competition the first boards after their 90 days. Judging is based solely upon the competitor’s accomplishments during their first ninety (90) days.


First year Jaycees are eligible at any time during and up to their first 24 months of membership. HOWEVER, judging is based solely upon the competitor’s accomplishments during their first twelve (12) months as a Jaycee. No member will be eligible after the second Annual Meeting following their initial entry into membership of the US Junior Chamber of Commerce.


Any member who has been a Jaycee for more than one year is eligible.


  1. Entrant must be local chapter’s winner or alternate.
  2. The original and five copies (Total of 6) of the entry form and supporting documentation must be submitted to the SBA Program Manager by April 25, 2001. If mailing, mail the entry postmarked by April 25, 2001 to SBA Program manager: Joel Boy, 200 E Patrician Dr, Brandon SD 57005 DO NOT put entries in binder, notebook or any kind of folder.
  3. Contestant must be in attendance at the trimester boards.
  4. Friday evening at Boards, an agenda will be posted at the registration table to list location of competition.
  5. The contestant will be considered registered for the interview competition by sending entry to Program Manager.
  6. Competition will be held the Friday evening of Boards.
  7. No spectators will be permitted in the judging rooms.
  8. The decision of the judges is final .
  9. Contestants will be disqualified if they are not on time for their scheduled oral interview.
  10. The contestants will be judged 50 percent on their resumes and 50 percent on the oral interview.
  11. During the oral interview, contestants are encouraged to wear a business suit/dress. Absolutely no state/chapter uniforms or state/chapter identifying badges, pins, or buttons will be allowed. A Jaycee membership pin is allowed and encouraged.

Chapter Name ___________________________ Chapter Number _________________ State Name___________________________

Chapter population division _____________Chapter membership: January 1 _________________December 1 __________________

Name of Competition _________________________________________________________________________________________

Name ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Address ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

City ____________________________________________ State ______________________________ Zip Code ________________

Home phone ____________________________________________ Work phone _________________________________________

Fax ___________________________________________________ Email address ________________________________________

Occupation ________________________________ Title ________________________ Employer ___________________________

Education (indicate highest level completed) ______________________________________________________________________

Date you joined the Jaycees ________________________ Have you ever competed in a State Individual Competition? ___________

If yes, in what area?___________________________________________________________________________________________


I certify the information on this form to be true and correct, and I give my permission for the facts to be used for publication. I understand and agree to abide by the rules and regulations of this competition as stated above."

Contestant signature _____________________________________________________________ Date ________________________

Local President signature _________________________________________________________Date ________________________

Springboard, Brownfield, Armbruster Competitions

are designed to help promote the skills of its members in the areas of interviewing. These competitions help members become more confident in presenting themselves verbally and in written format; skills that can be transferred to a member’s personal and professional life.

Take care and keep Smilin’

SD SBA Program Manager,
Joel Boy

SBA Requirements for Portfolio

  • Portfolios must be tabbed.
  • Of the 3 – 5 letters of recommendations, one must be from your Local Chapter President. Portfolio must not be more than 15 pages. Resume should not exceed 2 pages. A one-page resume is ideal.
  • Do not put entries in binder, notebook or any kind of folder.

Sample Interview Questions

How do you respond to an irate parent who feels the PPK rules were not followed in your local competition?

A CPG is presented at your monthly meeting to run your annual fireworks stand. Each year this project becomes more of a chore to run because less and less members can commit to the schedule of hours and weekends, especially during the Fourth of July Holiday. You want to see this project changed drastically, but you are meeting much resistance. How are you going to convince them there is a better way?

Tell me about your greatest accomplishment since becoming a Jaycee?
How have you benefited from the Jaycees in your personal life?

SBA Tips and Hints for State Competition

  • Dress Professional
  • Shake hands and introduce yourself with each judge.
  • Make eye contact with all interviewers.
  • When answering a question, address person who asked question, rest of panel and when wrapping up response end with interviewer who asked question.
  • Be Confident of your answers.
  • Don’t continue to ramble on once you have answered the question. Silence between questions is OK.
  • Make sure you are well rested.
  • Remove gum, cough drops from your mouth before going to interview.
  • Review resume and letter of recommendations before your interview.
  • Be prepared to know the Creed, State President, National President, SD State IDVP, SBA Program Manager.
  • If you don’t know the answer or don’t have an example, be honest and advise the interviewers of such.
  • Answers should never be negative but always honest.
  • Be Punctual. Make sure you know the location of your competition before it begins.
  • If you are late for your interview, you will be disqualified. The Program Manager will determine any deviation from this standard.
  • In your portfolio, you may want to include recommendations from your current and past employers, state officers, local chapter VP’s, etc. Someone who has knowledge of your Jaycee involvement should write the letter of recommendations.



Form due to the appropriate Vice President by the following dates: 
April 25th, August 25th, and January 1st.

Management __________  Community__________
Rick Hunitmer  Louis Hentges
505 E. 2nd  PO Box 148
Colton, SD 57018  Garretson, SD 57030
Individual ____________  Membership__________
Beth Delzer  Mary Krizan
513 SE 1st  1202 E. North St.
Madison, SD 57042  Humboldt, SD 57035

Please Print or Type the Following Information:

Chapter Name:__________________________________

POP Division: ________ Chairperson: ___________________________________

Project Name: ______________________________________________________

Date Held: ___________________ Percent of Membership involved: ____________

Number of new members recruited: ______

Did this project help you retention: _______ If yes How?____________________________________


Give a brief description of the Project.___________________________________________________



What was the benefit to the Chapter._____________________________________________________



How did this help the General member?_________________________________________________


What benefit was there to the Community?_______________________________________________


Would you run this project again?

Why or why not? ____________________________________________________________________


How did the chairperson(s) benefit? ____________________________________________________


Any other Information: _______________________________________________________________


South Dakota Jaycee State co-ed Volleyball Tournament

Hosted by the
SiouxFalls Jaycees
Saturday, July 28th
10:00 A.M.
Riverdale Park ,SiouxFalls

$50.00 Registration [Post marked byJune 30th] No entries after this date

Mail entries to Tim Boehmer Checks payable to SiouxFalls Jaycees 1000 N. West Ave Suite100 A 57104

Tournament rules

*Teams made up of at least three women
*Double elimination

Winner will receive trophy

Check out for more details

Entry form

Chapter Name________________________________________________________

Team Captain________________________________________________________



Team Members

__________________________ _____________________________

__________________________ _____________________________

__________________________ _____________________________

__________________________ _____________________________



"For those who believe in the South Dakota
Jaycees and are working hard to achieve
our membership goals!"

Who are the Believers and Achievers in your chapter?

To ensure that our recruiters are recognized, please complete this form. The member will be included on the "Believers and Achievers" banner for every 5 members recruited. They will be accumulative, and therefore do not have to be 5 in one month.

Please make sure to submit those members who are working hard and deserve this recognition. Try to send them monthly, rather than waiting until the end of each trimester.

Chapter _______________________________

Recruiter’s Name ________________________

Names of members recruited:

________________________ _____________________

________________________ _____________________

________________________ _____________________

________________________ _____________________

________________________ _____________________

Send me you names today!

Mary Krizan
1202 E. North Street
Humboldt, SD 57035

South Dakota Jaycees Travel Log

The following ___________________ Jaycees visited the ____________________

Chapter on ________ for ______________________________________________.

Verified by:___________________________ Office held: ____________________

Miles traveled to and from visitation (A)_______________

Number of Jaycees present

(note: state officers & Program Managers (B)_______________

are not eligible)

A * B = total man miles for visitation _______________

Chaplain of the Trimester

Chapter ___________________________

Chaplain name __________________________

What do you feel your Chaplain has done to deserve the honor of Chaplain of the Trimester?




301 E. KING


Jaycee Jeopardy Contest Rules and Eligibility Criteria

Jaycee Jeopardy is a question-and-answer contest dealing mainly with the history of the Junior Chamber organization, its officers, goals, and activities. The competitions are held at regional and state meetings to determine the most outstanding historians in the Junior Chamber for that year. Sources of information may include The Jaycee Book, Jaycees Magazine, A Legacy of Leadership (the 75th anniversary history book), Annual Meeting, National Programs, and TOYA.

ELIGIBILITY: Each chapter selects its representative(s). Current or past National Officers, National Staff Officers, State Presidents, CURRENT State officers, unqualified State Chairmen/Program Managers, and Local Chapter Presidents are eligible to compete but not to win. Contestants are encouraged to compete at local and regional meetings before competing at state meetings.

JUDGING CRITERIA and PROCEDURES: For the preliminary round, each entrant will have 30 minutes to complete a questionnaire with 25 questions and one bonus question. Finalists will be selected from the hi-low ranking on correct answers given. The finalists will be given five questions with a one-minute time limit to write each answer. A winner will be selected after the five questions are answered.

PROCEDURE FOR ENTERING: Entry forms should be postmarked by the 25 of the month before the state meeting. Any contestants whose entry forms are postmarked after the 25th of the month before the state meeting will NOT be allowed to compete at the state meeting. No exceptions.

Contestants are encouraged to wear a business suit/dress during competition. No state uniforms or state badges, pins, or buttons will be allowed. Membership pin of the USJCC is allowed/encouraged. NO PROPS/NOTES will be permitted.

Name ________________________________________________________________________________________


City ________________________________________________ State _______Zip Code _____________________

Home phone_____________________ Business phone_________________ Other phone_____________________

Fax ______________________________ E-mail address ______________________________________________

Chapter name __________________________________________ Chapter population division ________________

Date you joined the Jaycees___________________


"I certify the information on this form to be true and correct, and I give my permission for the facts to be used for publication. I understand and agree to abide by the rules and regulations of this competition as stated above."

Contestant signature _____________________________________________________ Date __________________

"I certify this nominee as a chapter representative and eligible for state competition."

Local President/Officer signature ___________________________________________ Date __________________


Date Received: __________

Any questions can be forwarded to Program manager:

Patricia Kontz HP 363-3993
308 W 2 Ave Apt 2 BP 575-6368
Humboldt SD 57035 CP 366-8062
Fax 575-4303 (if you fax the form, please write personal and confidential on the cover page)
E-mail address: