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Jaycee Jeopardy Contest Rules and Eligibility Criteria

Jaycee Jeopardy is a question-and-answer contest dealing mainly with the history of the Junior Chamber organization, its officers, goals, and activities. The competitions are held at regional and state meetings to determine the most outstanding historians in the Junior Chamber for that year. Sources of information may include The Jaycee Book, Jaycees Magazine, A Legacy of Leadership (the 75th anniversary history book), Annual Meeting, National Programs, and TOYA.

ELIGIBILITY: Each chapter selects its representative(s). Current or past National Officers, National Staff Officers, State Presidents, CURRENT State officers, unqualified State Chairmen/Program Managers, and Local Chapter Presidents are eligible to compete but not to win. Contestants are encouraged to compete at local and regional meetings before competing at state meetings.

JUDGING CRITERIA and PROCEDURES: For the preliminary round, each entrant will have 30 minutes to complete a questionnaire with 25 questions and one bonus question. Finalists will be selected from the hi-low ranking on correct answers given. The finalists will be given five questions with a one-minute time limit to write each answer. A winner will be selected after the five questions are answered.

PROCEDURE FOR ENTERING: Entry forms should be postmarked by the 25 of the month before the state meeting. Any contestants whose entry forms are postmarked after the 25th of the month before the state meeting will NOT be allowed to compete at the state meeting. No exceptions.

Contestants are encouraged to wear a business suit/dress during competition. No state uniforms or state badges, pins, or buttons will be allowed. Membership pin of the USJCC is allowed/encouraged. NO PROPS/NOTES will be permitted.

Name __________________________________________________________________________________


City ________________________________________________ State _______Zip Code _______________

Home phone_____________________ Business phone_________________ Other phone_____________________

Fax ______________________________ E-mail address _________________________________________

Chapter name __________________________________________ Chapter population division ___________

Date you joined the Jaycees___________________


"I certify the information on this form to be true and correct, and I give my permission for the facts to be used for publication. I understand and agree to abide by the rules and regulations of this competition as stated above."

Contestant signature ________________________________________________Date __________________

"I certify this nominee as a chapter representative and eligible for state competition."

Local President/Officer signature _______________________________________Date __________________


Date Received: __________

Any questions can be forwarded to Program manager:

Patricia Kontz HP 363-3993
308 W 2 Ave Apt 2 BP 575-6368
Humboldt SD 57035 CP 366-8062
Fax 575-4303 (if you fax the form, please write personal and confidential on the cover page)
E-mail address: